Welcome to A Christian Heart a weekly blog focused on drawing our relationship and connections closer to God.

My name is Chad and I am a brother, husband, father, motorcycle rider, and dog lover. My Christian walk has had some interesting twists and turns as I’m sure your’s has.  I have found myself, at age 51, answering God’s call or as I like to put it, God answering my prayer.

After over 30 years of corporate life God has called me to his service.  I am in the process of becoming a Local Methodist Pastor and can’t wait to be appointed to a church.  In the meantime, I continue to teach 3rd-5th Grade Sunday School, sing in the Choir, and deliver God’s message to his children every chance I get.

I hope you enjoy the messages.  Send me your thoughts and pass this on to your friends. Soon I will be creating a Prayer Request page so we can put the power of pray together for those who need it.

In Christian love,